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I am June Wehlast. I bought my frist Bull Terrier in 2003. Since then a few more have entered my life In 2008 I had bred my first litter & in 2011 the second litter was born. I live with 2 Bull Terriers and I own some living in other Families on breeding terms. My main goal is to breed healthy & good natured Bull Terriers with a sound construction.

I love Bull Terriers and everything about this breed, it is a funny dog that loves to make you smile.

Bull Terriers are active and smart, they love to take part of everything you do and when I say everything -

I truly mean everything .. Take them for a run, swim or a looong walk or simply lay on the couch all day, they will love just spending time with you.

Contact June Wehlast - Wehlastbulls@gmail.com



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